Update: 16 April 2019

Hi y’all! I’m unfortunately back in the hospital for the same symptoms of nausea/vomiting and abdominal pain. I was discharged April 8, returned April 14 – after a late night (1am) call to my parents.

I really appreciate all that my parents do for me: carrying bags & boxes up & down the stairs, answer 1 or 2 am phone calls with pretty rapid response for the emergency visits. They feed my PITA (pain in the A$$) cat, Piglet, as well as play with him so he’s not too lonely. Laundry gets done, sheets get changed.

I know it seems like slow going but I am working on more blog posts about some of my thoughts & experiences – like on hope, the fighting metaphor for illnesses, story of the name of this blog, my grounding/peace in this situation, songs I use to comfort & encourage me.

If you have any requests about what you’d like to see, let me know here or on social media, email, etc.


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