Update: 2 April 2019

Hi All (friends & family)!

Sadly, I am readmitted to the hospital in Wilmington. (NHRMC) for intractable nausea & vomiting which started last night & did not relent.
We (mom & I) arrived here around 3am Tuesday morning. I had managed 11 days out of the hospital.

This is hard: The gastroenterology (GI) specialists are very firm in their desire that I stay off any narcotic medication – indefinitely. However, I am in pain – a lot of pain – and feel somewhat conflicted. I’d LOVE to get some pain relief here & now but I understand the GI’s ultimatum & I want to honor it. They tell me they see improvements in the first month & even more improvement over the next 4-6 months.

Sumday morning – definitely feeling ok here
My current view – beautiful quilt by two of my aunts – Janet & Marti

Here is a photo of me from Sunday morning – I felt pretty good despite a rough Saturday evening in which I contemplated an ER visit. I clean up decently! This is one of the difficulties of invisible illness – we can look good but have a lot of stuff going on. In the photo on Sudnay, I had compression tights & a corset on to help with my blood pooling (causes lightheadedness, etc. – see my description of dysautonomia) and loose abdominal organs (my intestines droop when I am upright).

The next picture is from this morning to show my aunts. I was given this beautifully made (by Janet & Marti) quilt for me as a comfort from them while we are so far apart. (They live in Montana). This quilt is beautiful, full of cats with a special note under one corner. It definitely brightens up a hospital stretcher & beats the rough thin blankets.

Specific Prayer Requests: pain and the need to avoid pain medications, nausea that is difficult to control, parents wanting to be here, frustration with this need for hospitalization. – Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Update: 2 April 2019

  1. Oh Kelly just reading this report. Will continue to pray. It was good to see you in church Sunday. Sure hope to see you there again soon. In the meantime..praying over you.


  2. You are amazing💜I have been following your “diary” and truly admire you for your strength and positivity. Having an illness isn’t isn’t easy, it’s depresing but you are pulling on strength that you probably didn’t even know you had. Stay strong and I will keep you in my prayers. Dedicating my next yoga practice to you💜


  3. Thinking of you this morning. Pray your symptoms subside. Hate you can’t take pain remedy. Hope you feel better very soon. Good picture!!

    Love you. Martha


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