How To Help?

I’ve struggled to write this post, to answer this question, to be vulnerable to you – my friends who ask this all the time. Humbly I share my needs with you. Please do not feel obliged. I put this out here for the people looking for ways to help – mentally, emotionally, financially.

If you’re not in a place to help – go away & come back another (maybe rainy) day 🙂 I will trust that if you read on, you can / want to help – either emotionally, spiritually of tangibly – with time / money. Links to outside sites are italicized and bolded below.


  • Let me know you are thinking of me, praying for me – text, call, social media – Facebook, Instagram, Marco Polo, FaceTime, Skype. Just silly lightweight pictures, memes, or articles for a good giggle are great.
  • I LOVE hugs
  • If local: visit me in the hospital; visit at home for tea, coffee (I make an incredible creamy coconut latte), wine, whiskey; come for walks or sitting on the couch (energy level is unpredictable)
  • Offer to be in my circle of people I can call in rough times – pain, sick at home, need ride to ER (give me parameters), (will be looking to make a GroupMe text chain in the future)
  • Read some articles on how to support people with chronic illnesses (these do not apply strictly to me but are good places to get understanding on what to say / do / process) – list is below
  • Please support my parents; I know this is hard on them as well.
  • I’ve learned a lot more about the overlapping concentric circles which surround me & those who love me. So, be sure to take care your yourself. My parents are the closest to this situation & I know it is hard on them. Please support them as/if you are able

Education: learn about my illnesses & symptoms if curious

Financial / Gifts

  • if you are in a place to give financially
  • Amazon Wish List: mostly books, some pain relief items, (I own a kindle, email is
  • iTunes / Audible Giftcards
  • Hospital gifts like coffee, tea (ask first, can’t always have), lip ointment, fuzzy socks
  • Travel / food / coffee gift cards or points for parents’ travel

Home Help

  • Laundry / changing sheets
  • House cleaning
  • Trash removal (now goes in a bin that gets put outside in the evening & picked up)
  • I get large boxes full of TPN that need to be unloaded into the fridge & cabinets, then be driven to recycling in the apt complex

Helpful Reading


3 thoughts on “How To Help?

  1. Kelly- I will support you in pray and an occasional pick off you wishlist. I just tried to get one of you book picks and it downloaded to my kindle instead of going to you 😦 will try again!


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