Update: 8 June 2019

If I had made it to today, I would have been out of the hospital for 7 weeks; but…I’m back.

We (mom, dad, me) finally had a chance to go to a concert in Arlie Gardens. It was raining but the event was on. We wrestled our lawn chairs, snacks and umbrellas in a sweet spot under a beautiful old tree. About an hour in, I started to feel feverish & (because everyone keeps a thermometer in their purse) I checked my temperature – fever! My heart rate was quite elevated as well.

Because the catheter in my arm (a PICC) is a central (the first C) line, I have to take fevers seriously. These central lines can harbor bacteria and create a big mess if left unchecked – i.e. sepsis . So, at the first sign of a decent fever, I have to go to the hospital for evaluation – check labs (for signs of inflammation, stress), draw blood cultures (gives bacteria a chance to grow in the lab from my blood so that if present it can be identified). Other possible sources of fever were checked too – lungs, urine, flu, strep. Once the blood has been drawn, we start antibiotics so that if there is bacteria in the bloodstream, we are fighting it off without delay. I also receive fluids to help with the fever & the fast heart rate.

So here I am, now in a hospital room (@ New Hanover if you want to visit). I’m struggling with general malaise, lightheadedness, nausea and pain – achy joints & belly pain. My labs were not too bad; the cultures are still pending. I’m getting a lot of fluid & some symptomatic treatment.

Feel free to leave comments or questions. & I’d love to hear ideas for future posts.

Thanks for reading & thanks for caring!


7 thoughts on “Update: 8 June 2019

  1. Kelly, I was thinking about you yesterday and you were doing so well. It’s going to rain all day, so come home tomorrow. Celia


  2. Well, just damn… So glad you know what to do and that you don’t mess around or delay. Hope this is just a short stay. XOXO!


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